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About Beco Lights

Beco Lights is a project by Shahrukh Enterprises (Estd. 2009), a part of Pak Light House Company (Estd. 1978). The company is closely linked with its subsidiaries and is managed by personnel with decades worth of experience and a common vision.

It was in the early seventies when Prof. Bashir Ahmed dedicated his research to efficient lighting and renewable energy and set up Pak Light House Company. It took him several years until he finally developed a prototype Solar Module in 1983. Our company was also one of the first brands to launch compact fluorescent lamps (also known as energy saver bulbs) in Pakistan. Currently our companies have a strong market presence in Punjab providing range of several electrical items that are marketed in our own wholesale and retail markets in Lahore. With the grace of Almighty Allah, all the showrooms are owned and operated by the company itself.

We specialize in the supply and installation of high efficiency German solar panels for generating electricity. We guide our customers through the whole process from design and planning, to the professional installation of solar energy system. Our dedicated customer services team ensures and makes the most of the new system and will assist and advise every step of the way. Beco Lights’ professional project managed installation team follow strict procedures from start to finish ensuring a smooth hassle free installation.

At Beco Lights we also offer a comprehensive range of LED products and decorative lights to brighten up your living space, garden and commercial areas. We are dedicated and constantly growing, selling only the highest quality lighting products available at competitive prices. We are committed to excellent customer service and we are sure you will find just the right lights to meet your needs and if there are some specific requirements, our friendly staff will be happy to advise you.